Medical Mobility Equipment in Oklahoma City

No matter what your mobility needs may be, Smith Medical Equipment will get you up and around at a more affordable price. Click the links below to learn about the different products we provide and narrow down your needs. If you have any question whatsoever... whether it's trying to find the solutions that is best for you, or whether you need help with your insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid... feel free to call us at 1-405-285-9888.

  • Walkers and Canes: Our simple, more tradiitonal medical equipment is for those who wish to remain active on their feet.
  • Wheelchairs: We offer the quintessential medical mobility device to people who like to switch between pushing themselves and being helped.
  • Power Chairs and Scooters: Choose from high-back power chairs to ultra-mobile, low-back scooters.
  • Lift Chairs: For when getting up on your own becomes hard and painful, we offer you the lift chair as a convenient solution.
  • Zero Gravity Chairs: Comfortable chairs that are proven to increase blood circulation and reduce stress on the spine.
  • Adjustable Beds: For those who cramp up at night and need a comfortable solution full of convenient features.
  • Rentals and Used: The most affordable way to cruise around uninhibitedly